The Spirit

Combining academic research and critical thinking with years of experience working with people “hands on”, focusing on compassion for challenges and a deep understating of the human spirit

The spirit of the plenitude diet stems from the combination of academic research and practical experience. My academic scholarship has focused on researching how and when we say ‘yes’, implicitly or explicitly, and how we can be encouraged to do so. My PhD thesis, as well as my subsequent academic articles, focused on the ways positive and sustainable change may be advanced where negative practices were entrenched.

I have been researching nutrition for over a decade, starting with an interest in food itself and developing a critical evaluation of the dietary recommendations that are fed to the public, against the problematic procedures that have led to their entrenchment. During these years I completed level 4 in Nutritional Therapy studies (University of West London), before starting an M.Sc. in Public Health at Sussex University with a focus on nutrition. My academic background, stretching over two decades, leads me to have a great deal of respect for scientific analysis and methodology, but also to acknowledge and recognise their limits. My appreciation for the sociological and anthropological facets of nutrition imbued within me an appreciation for traditional ideas as well as to those that may be viewed as creative and radical.

At the end of the day, however, I ultimately encourage decision making that is based on personal, direct and physical experience.

Alongside my academic studies I worked and volunteered for 8 years with the Sexual Assault  Crisis Centre. Through this experience I gained a diverse formal and informal training and skills to work with individuals as well as with a wide range of audiences, working with a number of public sector and civil society organisations. In addition, I am a trained mediator and a certified group facilitator, following a two-year, intensive university training course.

My work always embeds a focus on the individual with a wider social perspective, employing a range of analytical skills alongside deep compassion and great love for all that is human.

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