The Plentiful Playground

Workshops which use the preparation of innovative and non-traditional foods as a platform for learning and understanding emotional and intuitive eating

These workshops are unlike any other. On the one hand, there is a lot of time and attention spent on food, its ingredients, its preparation and the joy that can be derived from it. On the other hand, food itself is not at the heart of the workshop. Instead, it is a platform on which my unique insights are placed, and a route to dealing with emotional eating and intuitive eating. It uses the opportunity to offer lively examples and demonstrations of the way participants can reach those insights themselves, in their own unique way and in their own time.

But lest we forget – food is fun… I teach how to prepare original, healthy dishes that I guarantee you will not find anywhere, and that are a perfect fit for those challenging, emotional moments. From savoury breads and pastries; to the sweet cakes, cookies and chocolaty spreads and marzipans; and on to warm, soothing drinks. Nutritious, you ask? Yes, 100%.

The original approach to emotional eating goes hand in hand with the extensive amount of thinking that went into thinking about the recipes to all the foods presented in the workshop. You will not find one ounce of sugar, or even ‘natural’ sweeteners; and no processed wheat or grain in any form. The recipes are extremely flexible and forgiving, 

and thus perfectly appropriate for those who enjoy spending an extensive amount of time in the kitchen just as much as for those for whom just the thought exacts a frustrated or impatient sigh. Most of the foods may be prepared in advance, in bulk, and they hold brilliantly for extensive periods of time in the fridge or freezer.

The approach of the plentiful diet is that the food we eat should relate to our immediate needs and thus constitute our intuitive eating. Its ingredients should be exceptional – extremely tasty and extremely nutritious, even when we choose – consciously and with permission – to take part in emotional eating. As long as the food around us will tick more boxes, it will be more satisfying, whilst simultaneously satisfy our real needs. And as long as our real needs are satisfied, we are able to maintain our presence even in those challenging situations, and to continue to choose consciously how to behave during and after we eat.

Workshops usually cater for 15 participants, and take place in private homes that are well equipped. They last two hours, and are not only intellectually stimulating, but also lots of fun.

Please feel free to contact me for further information, including an offer to host a workshop for you and your friends.

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