The Method

Developing an attentive listening to our needs and aiming to satisfy them; learning to respect and operate our emotional eating; disentangling our relationships with habits and fixations

The Plentiful Diet route is a journey, at the heart of which is an investigation and satisfaction of dietary and other needs. It is challenging to eat well when we are not consistently satisfied. Such conditions create uncomfortable feelings that are difficult to experience for extended periods of time. Similarly, a diet that is ill fit makes it difficult to lead a pleasant and fulfilling life.

The journey towards the plentiful diet exposes, with sensibility and compassion, the moments in which we eat instead of feel, when we are not present. This revelation allows us to manage ourselves better when these moments resurface. Unfortunately, emotional eating is eradicated, supressed or forbidden, while it should be quite the opposite: understood, welcomed, embraced and converted into an effective, and even nutritious, tool.

Alongside the focus on emotional eating there exists a sensitive and affectionate perspective concerning our patterns and fixations around food and eating – all those instances in which we act almost unconsciously, in a regular way

Some of these patterns and fixations replicate past experience that we no longer need and can bid farewell, while others express important anchors that may be preserved and even nurtured.

Dealing effectively with emotional eating and behavioural patterns will make room to the advancement of intuitive eating, and thus leading us to an intuitive way of life.

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