The Critical Edge

Academic research and publications, focusing on: Creating sustainable change; Feeding children; Educating the public on healthy eating; Weight loss outside the dieting paradigm.

In a world where diets, which are known to be not only ineffective but also harmful, are still viewed as the main vehicle for nutritional change, we must develop a particularly acute critical appreciation of our surroundings to advance in a positive fashion and to create, for ourselves and our surroundings, an excellent nutrition and enjoy the true wellbeing that derives from it.

My rejection of the dietary approach is focused on its premise – one that has at its core negativity and restrictions. Indeed, even the main alternative, known as the ‘non-dieting approach’, includes the negativity in its title… The attribution and association of negativity and resistance to food is everywhere, sometimes explicitly and at times implicitly. Unveiling its occurrence, documenting the harm it causes, and advancing change through a radically different paradigm – the ability to enhance a true and meaningful ‘yes’ – constitute the core of my research. These insights are applicable on the individual level as well as an approach to public policy.

My PhD (in Law) and the subsequent publications that followed had, as the focus of inquiry, ways to advance change in places where such change was desperately needed and yet simultaneously seemingly unachievable.

Later publications addressed contemporary initiatives to feed children and offered a critique of their foundational elements, alongside suggestions for reform.

I am currently researching the ability to lose weight and change one’s diet in a way that is non-violent, and does not include restrictions and limitations. Towards that end, I interview individuals whose lives offer a narrative that is an alternative to the customary diet. In addition, I research how public initiatives seek to encourage adults and children to reduce their sugar consumption, and suggest – on the basis of my academic work and experience – alternative approaches that will prevent another generation from adopting a frustrating, dietary frame of mind.

I am always open to engage in research projects that focus on similar themes, as well as requests for assistance in analysing and processing relevant databases, and to the prospect of collaboration in projects that advance an approach akin to the plentiful diet.

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