Plentiful Diet - The concept

Plenitude as an active choice and a state of mind.

A “Say Yes” approach to needs and wants around food and eating in particular, and life in general.

Diet is the sum of all our nutritional choices. Just as the giraffe and the jackal have their own diet, so do we. The plentiful diet is a condition in which our nutritional needs are catered for, affecting our eating requirements, and beyond.

How can a diet be plentiful? Plenitude is an objective condition, which rests alongside a subjective feeling that can be nurtured or limited. As a concept, the plentiful diet merges the objective and the subjective: noting the existing plenitude and nurturing our capacity to expand the plenitude and to act from within it to satisfy our needs in the best and most complete way possible.

Why is plenitude so attractive? Most of us enjoy living and acting within a feeling of plenitude. We rejoice as plenitude fills our mind and body. When confronted with plenitude, we find ourselves breathing deeply, comfortably, exhaling a sigh of relief, whilst our body and consciousness expand.
Plenitude is an invitation and a permission to be in tune with our needs and wants, and to choose the best way to fulfil them.

The opportunity to choose may be realised in various ways. The plenitude diet promotes choice by ‘Saying Yes’

This route is based on seeking wide agreement across different layers of the human experience. From the cerebral, where the inquisitory, curiosity and playfulness powers are located; through the emotional, where we find joy and passion; and on to the physical, where relaxation, easing, growth and expansion are found.

Bridging the double path, where nutritional needs are located alongside other basic needs, allows us to promote the most accurate diet at any given moment, whilst simultaneously offering the same attention to our non-dietary needs. The two channels feed each other and improve our quality of life as a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

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