Individual Change

Establishing a “Plentiful Diet” perception as a way of life, in the diet realm and in other corners of life, with open minded individuals who seek a closer and compassionate look at their patterns.


When engaging with people on individual basis, each session or correspondence operates simultaneously within two channels: food and eating, on the one hand; and on the other hand – our other basic needs, such as the need to be loved and appreciated, to live a fulfilling life, to be creative, to sleep, to be touched, to have sex, to be listened to and respected, and more, and more, and more.

Most of us find it difficult to eat well when our basic needs are not satisfied. When we experience momentary or chronic dis-satisfaction, we will usually be able to eat, but this eating will not engage our body’s true needs and will be less than optimal.

A focused awareness to our needs vis-à-vis the food involved, by noticing whether we are hungry or full, or by being aware of the food’s texture, temperature or taste, teach us how to identify and approach other, wider needs that are unrelated to eating.

Working with me is an enjoyable and pleasant experience. At no point will you feel the urge to go forcefully beyond your comfort zone or to tread  prematurely into areas where you do not feel comfortable. 

Together, we find all the places in which you have a true desire to create change and start there. In addition to changing eating habits and fixations, the work is extremely empowering, encourages authenticity, better communication with yourself and with those around you, and strengthens the positive voices within you.

Working with me can take one of two forms: First, one-hour sessions, either face to face in the London area and south towards Brighton, or via video call; and, second, through email correspondence, on a daily basis. The latter, a unique method offers continuity, creates a repository of the information in its original format, with the ability to return and refer to the precise content, as produced by both of us. It is a natural fit for those who enjoy writing and to those who need constant support, at least when embarking on the journey.

You are welcome to approach me via the online form for further details, to share your thoughts or simply to check if this process is a good fit for you. Browsing through the library will clarify my approach, and how it differs from any ‘dieting’ method and from the work with professionals who focus solely either on eating or on personal development.

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